Coat of arms

Always good to see a happy customer shine. It was a special and challenging assignment to be allowed to paint the coat of arms of the Luijten family from Benzenrade (Heerlen) (80 x 120 cm).

paint coat of arms



Two years ago I was allowed to paint his sister “ Fenna”. Now “Finn” is the same age as his sister was at that time.

paint Finn



I was commissioned to paint a grandson. Recently I was allowed to paint his sister.

paint grandson Lars



I was commissioned to paint a granddaughter in black and white.

paint a granddaughter



A brother of good friends of ours has again found his happiness and comfort with a nice woman. They met each other in hospital where both partners were terminally ill. After a few years and many difficult moments later, they became a couple and they got married. Butterflies are their anchor and wherever they are two white butterflies very often fly nearby. "Silent protection"? "Who will say"?

Painting - Butterflies


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